Veronica's Crystals And Christine's Inspired Wire Art
Veronica's Crystals And Christine's Inspired Wire Art


These are custom pieces designed and no longer available for purchase.  These are examples to give you idea's in creating your custom design.

This is a gemmy  Azurite Malachite piece this stone can inhance insight while facilitating transformation,              in being open to the energy if so   directed by the user.

Wire wrapped in Argentium Silver.


This beautiful opal energy helps user to balance on all levels,  To assist in acsessing higher levels of being. 

Excellent meditation stone, Also assisting the user to open up for visioning if so directed by user.

Wire wrapped in Argentium Silver.

Very nice Gemmy Rhodochrosite  wire wrapped in Argentium Silver.

Rhodochrosite energy can be very  balancing on all levels. Very useful in 

facilitating change for the user if so directed and user is open to change.


Very  nice small pendant wire wapped in Argentium silver

Gemmy Rhodochrosite can assist the user to acess higher levels of love and balance. Specifically in the thought process if so directed, 


A sweet Watermelon Tourmaline done in Argentium silver.

Another  great heart stone 

can assist in keeping heart

open through trying times.  

Blue Tourmaline Heart

done in Argentium Silver. also known as Indicolite 

Very useful in amplifying third eye ability , Also can enhance communication.  If so directed by user.

This is one of my most creative pieces. 

Smokey Quartz combined with a beautiful citrine raw point, with a pewter butterfly bead. Smokey Quartz helps ground and Citrine  repels negativity and reinforces the emotions

Aprox 2 inches long and just under 1 inch at it's widest point. wire wrapped in Argentium Silver. 

Lepidolite reinforces stress reduction combined with Pink Tourmaline adding to the centering of heart energy. Finised with faceted beads and a pewter dragonfly.

Approx 1  1/2 inh long and 1 inch wide. wire wrapped in Argentium Silver.


Christine's Inspired Wire Art

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Christine's Inspired Wire Art.