Veronica's Crystals And Christine's Inspired Wire Art
Veronica's Crystals And Christine's Inspired Wire Art


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I began my metaphyisical career at Veronica’s Crystals in San Lorenzo, California in 1990.  In 1999 we relocated the shop to Dublin, California as widespread product and spiritual guidance popularity dictated the need for more space.  Out of this shop we  operated for almost 10 more years. I operated as an individual spiritual counselor, guide on crystals, working individually with clients through chakra imbalances and emotional blocks, providing clients personal tarot card readings, and creating custom wire wrap jewelry.

I then chose to take a break to spiritually reenergize as well as care for family, and now my  long awaited return is finally here. Online a variety of products are available for purchase, as well as custom orders.   I come from a long line of Native American healers from New Mexico.  My passion lies in providing personal and individual assistance to other's to attain all around deeper source connections.  This is primarily conducted through the connection to higher frequencies that are amplified by crystals.  I hand select all my products (which are ethically and humanely sourced), as a crystal’s source and origins leave an energy imprint.  Once the crystals are in my possession, I infuse my vibration of love, this is what you feel when you receive a product from me. 

Custom products are also available.  Once contacted, I will take my time getting to personally know each client.  Taking the time to understand and assess their individual needs in order to allow me to use my creativity to provide the perfect piece of jewelry or art to amplify the client’s inner beauty and further cultivate their continued growth.  Custom work available ranges from wire wrap crystal pendants, crystal balls, jewelry, minerals, specimens, clusters, wands, lead crystals.  Please do not hesitate to inquire about additional options available.  

I also carry Native American art such as dream catchers which may also be customized with crystals to fit your wants and needs. I hand make walking sticks, talking sticks, mandella's and  dreamcatcher's.  For example, dream catchers made with rose quartz, clear quartz, and amethyst is the perfect combination of stones to enhance the love vibration, clarity, and spiritual connection. 

Everything I do has meaning.  Each crystal has their unique inner light and energy, and each person is drawn to each specific crystal based on their individual needs. There is no right or wrong, what works for one person may not work for another person.  If you are choosing a gift for someone feel the love you have for the person receiving.  Gem stones will absorb and retain the energy you put into the stone think love and keep the love energy flowing. Remember you are ultimately responsible for the energy you put out.  Remember, what you give, you will also receive.

I look forward to sharing my years of insight and wisdom and working with you.  Please do not hessite to inquire, and check back often as new and different items are always being added. 


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Christine's Inspired Wire Art

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